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Epicenter of neutron pollution
Man has stepped beyond -
Over the threshold of existence
The plague of cellular devastation
Has spread too fast all over
Membranes without shelter
Radioactivity exposure
It's all beyond reclaim
Now it's late to master the pain
We turn eyes back once again
Our memories will be our last friend
"I have become death -
the destroyer of worlds"
A bringer of life's abolition
I open the gates to nihilo
Few hours left to the complete holocaust
Extinction comes after the final mistake
The essence of life is now lost
For this there are no existing brakes
Organisms disintegrate
Life suffocates
DNA abuse
No hope for regeneration
Dead winds lash the surface
Now eternity begins
The beauty of life is blackened
Universe has no longer an aim
Aeons of sick progression
Mistaken evolution
An inner strife for suffering
A suicide of all mankind
Some fictional enemy
Triggered that annihilation
Terrorist activity
Caused the world's obliteration

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