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You who're silent support those deaths
The worst army is a silent mass
Paralyzed in front of cathode ray
Apathy is something I know you'll pay
Your flawless system has failed
For us anarchists there are no jails
Families hanged alive at walls
The breath of bloodhound that search his goal

Your lives are eaten in a video cell
Conform weak minds drown in grass
They search for us in filthy cells
Fault finders to eradicate
Hound is waiting, the needle drips
City roars, we are the ill
But wrong is world we're living in
Where progress is the only deal

No more. Kowtow and conform
Kneel down or many more will die

Think you're glad, glad for what?
Slave or psychopathic fool
Choose your side, live or die
His eyes are just waiting to strike

The road to confirmation
Walks through the annihilation
Injection or banishment
For who held up his own head
A beast behind each corner
While fish-eyed walls are laughing
I am a refuse bulk can't happen again

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