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Shut the Fuck Up - text


Shutup now, you fuckin' dork
And listen for the first time in your life
It's enough, I can't resist
Stick up your ass all that advices
Stop drinking! No more smoking!
Turn down the gain, stop eating like a pig!

Quit with your cramps now, I will not repeat
Maybe tomorrow, I'll be dead and gone
Wherever I'll be, is it heaven or hell
I'll not curse myself for missing a chance
Exit from your tight clothes, leave it all behind
Scream out that rage that weights on your mind
You can find a better way to use your hate
Instead of being a cancer that nurish with my life

Shut the fuck up!
There's nothing you can give me
nothing you can d ofor me
Shut the fuck up!
You hate me just because you'll never be like me
Shut the fuck up!
I'm on your list and I'm pleased to be there
Shut the fuck up!
You are bullet bait, bag your face and
Shut the fuck up!

Look at yourself, what do you see?
the worst muthafucker is just better than you
Pathetic existence, hypocrisy rules
How can you face a mirror without shame?
I know what you think when you look at me
You feel something inside and no one can see
Your lie doesn't work, not even with yourself
You call me a foot but envy divours you!

(Solo Mark)
(Solo Txt)

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