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September, 11 - text


It is the morning of an usual day
People wakes up and goes to work
A pale sun rises from the horizon
No one can expect what is coming to us

Hear the roars never so near to you
Fire and explosions all around me
Try to escape but you're trapped through rubble
There's nothing more to do, a tragedy has begun

Assassination for a war of ideology
A whole country hurt at shoulders
Brought to knees in a bloody morning
with the most infamous of the moves

They have come to you
Bringing death and pain
just at your home's door
The terror has struck
They wanna steal your liberty
They wanna steal your dreams
Pray for all who died in pain
Under their flag of hate

They wanna impose their will to us all
with a strategy of murdering terror
We can't put up with this injustice
But world look at us disinterested

Democracy loses in a day of falling summer
Our existence can never be the same
The Chile bows his head to U.S. today
11th of September 1973

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