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Picture of a World - text


Senseless alarmism, mad catastrophism
There's just insanity and foolishness
A fucking planet, ruined by greed and avarice
Able to speculate with a mortal disease

A world so weak can slip out of our hands
It's enough a power failure and the systems go mad
Outrageous games of passing the buck
Specious pretexts to atomic research

Eye for en eye, tooth for a tooth
Is this what you call democracy form?
Burning for burning, wound for a wound
Is this the answer to terror's attack?

Hunger and disease - Blame it's on you
Dryness, Pollution - Blame it's on you
Childrens are dying - Blame it's on you
This world is fading - Blame it's on you

(Solo both)
(Solo Txt)
(Solo mark)

Sweat and blood are the price you must pay
Work for your country with nothing to say
Do you know which is the reason you are there?
You've to believe i nsomething
'cause you don't believe in yourself!

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