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No Man's Land - text


Trapped in a trench between the enemy lines
We can't escape without getting shot by sides
Here in no man's land with a mine under the ass
An enemy at my shoulders, ready to attack

No one knows who is in there
As such as we don't know the reason we are here
"Who started the war?" - A question without answer
That's the absurdity of a tragedy without sense

There's a bouncing mine ready to explode
And a dude aims the gun at my head
Lost in a war that no one of us wants
Lost in a world that we all hate

A tragedy plays with indifference
Curtain comes down by UN hands
Quiving for our fears, aware of the end
Turn off the spotlights, there's no way out

No Man's Land - We can only choose our death
Perish with hunger or die torn to pieces
No Man's Land - Our ass is grass
it will never know
No Man's Land - We can only choose our death
Humanity fails under the differences
No Man's Land - Condamned to demise
World will never know

(solo Txt)

Lucrative games of war are playing next to your home
Today is mine, but tomorrow it can be yours
Change the channel, shut your eyes to all this suffering
Take your brain and throw it away
That's your way to survive the world

(Solo Mark)

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