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We were a couple of friends covered by boils
An ugly fat drummer and a makeshift screamer
What a nuisance with tha tfucking metronome!
We played thrash cover (songs) in a terrible way

After than we've met just mad musicians
From the engineer to anchovy maniac
Till we found the most blasphemous bass-man
In the history of this fucking, queer, unlucky band

Who get us to do it?
Up yours!

The story continues, welcome to Madam Mim!
We make a shitty demo where he sings like a hen
My brother is too busy, enter skeleton man
And we turn back to 1176

Big... bang! From large to the small size
No bullshit, just metal or no metal, just bullshit?
Bass becomes the soundtrack of a silent film
There is no way to take the right path

Who get us to do it?
Up Yours!

(Solo Mark)
(Solo Txt)

D'oh! Homer goes mad, the primitives join us
Followed by the hair-ball and his dangerous breath
Now we see no deals, neither with field-glasses
We are fed up to the keister with promises

Gigs: yeah, but wallets are still empty
We are nearly pay to play in a pothouse full of dweebs
Whyever no piece of skirt come to see our shows?

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