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Abuse Your Illusions - text


Turn on the tv - they broadcast the news
A storm rages on, but out I see a few drops
Emergency weather, a stpuid alarmism
It's too late, you have shit your pants

Maybe Bin Laden is hidden in your cellar
Maybe a "nuclear" carbomb is parked at the mall

A virus in your pc and also in your lavatory
Hey, it can growl and eat your sitting room
No kidding? Do you believe in this fantasies?
No shit, Sherlock! I'm not born in yesterday

Is a tsunami coming over my house?
Why can I simply slip from well?!

Give me an usual death
I don't wanna blow up
Give me an usual death
Why must I be murdered?
Give me an usual death
I don't wanna be in a movie
Give me an usual death
Give me a normal standard fucking death!

There is a terrorist hidden in your sandwich
Please be careful, the hot-dog can be toxic
If you've to cross the street, look at the sky
A meteor is coming to raze all to the ground

Pulverized by a nuclear storm or sucked back in a black hole
Why can't I die a natural death?!

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