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Oh, you love to hear her moan
And when you come around
And hope that she is alone
'Cause the weather makes the sound

Its alright she says...
Come inside she says...
Come inside...

My love, call it skin beneath the moonlight
Was a vision of a better time
When you and I have different lives
Is something the matter?
No, she brought him to the finish line
Saying you will learn in due time
She shook and moaned and spread her thighs

Oh it's alright she said...
Come inside she said...
Come inside...

This is...
How hope is gone
This is...
How hope was lost
Now hope is gone

Well you know, that thing before that bothered me
The man who owns me rightfully
Has quite a hefty policy
Well accidents happen
So, with an implication in the air
I turned an bolted out of there
She followed and made me aware
I'll get what I want
If you don't, I'll tell you how my story goes
He broke into the window
With me in just like any clothes
You made me undress, then...

You came inside she said...
Get back inside she said...
Get back inside...

So this is...
How hope is gone
Now I know...
I know
How hope was lost

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