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Ich han en Brief gschriebe.
I don't like the way you drew the chain of your dog while your fling your legs around your face
And at the same have the grace to tell me about dignity
I don't like the way you believe in a god that was born in minds millions of miles away from you
And pray that he's not just idealized like the one in front of you
Let me in a secret you did not start believing you only changed the swear words
You good intention reminds me reminds somewhat of the United Colors of Benetton
Dear Madonna
I can't take your word cause I never hear one
I don't like how you speak to yourself when you speak with someone else
Dear Madonna
Changing your clothes every day does not make you special
it just make you change your clothes a lot
Looking strange does not make you strange
it just makes you look strange
Saying strong things does not make you strong
it just makes you say strong things
That's another thing that you and Jesus don't have in common
He was recognized and not advertized
There is a difference between the truth and proof
I can proof to you that I can speak with an english accent
But the truth is the english accent does not exist

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