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Take me back where I come from
All I need, feeling blue
Friends that I made in my youth
Now I'm older, I love them more.

Moon shines bright above never seems to change
Ever smiling face, no one asks why
Everyone wanted his soul
All he gave them was a smile.

People can change overnight
You most of all, yeah that's right
Find yourself on the ground
Where you been ? What have you found ?

Yeah, now you know the score, never want no more
Ooh keep yourself in your own mind
Can you believe what I say ?
That I'm glad, feeling sad ?

I'm feeling awful cold
I've just been bought and sold
In my eyes you'll see the sign of fear.

Mmm take me back to see what I left behind, yeah
Ooh superficial people told him where to go
Everyone wanted his soul
All he gave them was a smile, oh.

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