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Red neck jump - text


We'll you complote it all if you want to

The lady hand is all low and loose

It's sitting there and tickling that

Rock'n'roll music sucking all on that juice

Yeah it's all of easy rides but I come on over

But you complain you're sunday hops

It came beep beep with know you're shoes sun your feet

Stompin' on the red neck jump yeah

We call over the national guards but you know if that they ship up cards

Well I don't recklen and means much to you

But the pain disease a free card too (free come! oh ya)

Too late we down if you want too rip it out taking away

You can have a picture of Lana Turner in a hom together

Way... Well mama is in the kitchen karkeen special see

Cake you've like you should a search and laps

You know we can beep beep with no your shoes on your

Feet stopin' at the red neck jump

Hang it hang out hang it all about oh man all ah yes

Oh Lord gonna stoppin' ah yeah red neck stompin'ah yeah


Text přidala Maribel

Rock on

Humble Pie texty

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