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Never Let Me Go - text

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Let me tell you what you are doing wrong
Been so .. for years well it's much too long
There just has to be another way
It will get you by getting day to day
If you need another point of view
Take a look of mine I got something new
I got something new
It's for you
I hate you
This things come ..
I call you
I adore you
Look like the world ignore you
Go go go
I am the one you want
I am the one you need
Never let me go
Never let me go
Go go go
There is an understanding of right time
Tell me what you see
Take a.. front step
..not the ..
You should try another point of view
Take a look of mine
It's up to you
It's for you
Just for you
From one who most adore you
Not .. who just can't let it go
Go go go
[Repeat Chorus:]

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