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Sacrificed to fight
Recruited filled with hope for better days
Book of promises
There was no word of danger I could die
I was yearning for a world of adventures
They always calm our mates, we don't have to care

But one day we went to Nomala
To defeat rebellious tribes, we never knew why

Just a graze - They shot without hesitation
Just a graze - Can't kill me
Their guns drown out our screams
I believe to end in disaster
Scattered on the battlefield, no way to retreat

Sacrificed to fight
Dying here to save the wealth of swayers
We have to accept
We ate wrong and our mission is a lie
Falling one by one to save cruel dictators
Made a bloody deal for treasures of the soil

One more day we fight in Nomala
To defeat rebellious tribes, who fight for their right

Say a prayer - so many times
Shouldn't dare - to fake you're kind
Bear the blame - inside of me
Just wade through - black lake of tears

They let me stew - in my own grease
Evil eyes - in death agony
Try to tame - my enemies
Lost the game of conquest and greed

Text přidal DevilDan

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