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On the road
I'm free, lost in thoughts
Keep straight on my way
Exhausted from long days
But I'm moving on

I can hear
The snuffle of my horse
Truly marked by strain
Slacken the reins
When I pet its mane
Once again

When time flies by
In the twinkling of an eye
To pause for a moment, one moment

Taste the dust - Hellrider
'till the dusk - Hellrider
When I ride against the wind
I'm wild and free
The desert king

Always feel
Soaked leather on my skin
Dust scratching my throat
I need a retreat
Always look around

Rock and stones
As far as I can see
My favorite place to be
When I quench my thirst
Sunlight hurts
Hurts so bad

Text přidal DevilDan

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