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We fight for our liberty, Teutonic knights invade!
This time we’ll overcome their might!
Soldiers raise your swords!
Strong willed, we engage
The Lithuanian forces – are here to make their stand
Blood is shed across the land
Brave men die
We have to win this battle
Our very last try
As we slay their marshal
He suddenly appears
With brightly shining armour
And terrifying spear
Get away, get away
Save your life and try to escape
No disgrace to be a renegade
Fighting with the darkness
Fighting with our steel
Desperate and weakened
This is how I feel
Fighting on with forces
That will never kneel
Our bows are breaking
Wounds will never heal
Dark knight – storm will rage
The lances heeling in
Corpses left behind
He came to wave the flag
Great his might
Reflecting the light
He’s got a fearless stance
Leads his knights to the fight
Our forces get smite
Flee in mortal fear

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