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Bullet of Betrayal - text

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Sky is bleeding
Horses whinnying in my head
Fear overcomes my mind
Soldiers are afraid that day
I smell the anxiousness
Of men surrounding me
Grim reapers lurking
Will harvest some souls today
Swords and rifles
Glancing in the morning sun
Tools of destruction
Biding for a taste of blood
Await the enemy
Conflict inevitable
Thousands of men
Screaming out our battlecry
Grail knights - will call my assault
Fortune - flamours abort
One hit by a bullet of betrayal
Fired by the henchman's hand
Killed from behind to hide his face
Emperors attack under the royal mask
Warriors fighting
For their king and victory
The soul is trembling
Mighty horses make their way
An awful blow
Batters in our rows
Forced to fall back
Defense formations straight away
A desperate strike
Opponents on the ground
Risen from the bloody land
We turn the tide
Shadows of the dark
Henchman's out of strike
Inspired by this hate and
Loaded guns to seal my fate

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