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You wanna be somebody
But you don't see the writing on the wall
You don't need nobody
I can see you're gonna take a fall
I heard you saying
You could feel a new vibration going down
Love is fading
And I hope you're gonna come around

You got nothing to fear
You got so much to burn
Isolate on the hillside
When will you ever learn
See the fire in me
Is the evil in you
Now you've had all your chances
Gonna break you in two

When you're out on your own
And you feel like a rolling stone
And you're all alone
Then you know you're lost in the zone

Bad thing
You're the proudest child I've ever seen
You bring a whole new style
Do you know what I mean
I do worry about the people
Who do make you weak
You gotta hurry
And you better think twice
Before you speak

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