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(Starej hloupej blázen)

I stare at coffees in my cup
And I know something up
But there I’m in Prague once more
And through the band is on the run
Here is still some room for fun
The years pile up against my door

You think I’d learn a bit from all
Those wasted years
You’d think by now thatI’d have drowned
In my own tears
But I’m fool I never understand a thing and that’s a rule
Time and time I make the same mistakes again
My life a shadow of the life
That I intend
Cos I’m fool I never finish anything
And that’s the rule

I look back fondly to a time
When fun was not crime
And paying music was a game
And now the atmosphere is strange
My how it all has changed
And things will never be the same

My memory is on the blink
However hard I think
The only thing that seems to last
Is all the music in my head
It’s been put there instend
Ting that happened in the past

On and On
Oh what won’t wrong
On and On
Time is wasting and all I’m tasting Oh
- Tears
And so I sit here with you friend
And think that in the end
It was not just a waste of time
The miles we trevelled in out vans
The people in the bands
Sometimes it felt just fine

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