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Midnight on the Clocktower - text

I was digging through a pile
Of letters in a file
Letters that you wrote me
Long ago
Love that wasn’t really planned
Just a year of one night stands
When I was just a foolish little boy
Yound and full of schoolboy pride
I left you in the tide
And ran off down the beach
Without a glance
Midnight on the clocktower
In the back of your mums
Little car
Thirty years and I haven’t
Come that far
You – you were my first desire
You lit the forest fire
But as I read these letters
That you sent
I see that I was just a fool
A fool just out of school
And silly as only a fool can be
I who made your life a hell
Can now see very well
I acted like a dog without a bone
(vocals - Pete Mustill)

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