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Blues on the Berlin Night - text

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(Berlínské noční blues)
I walked throught the desert of no mans land
The bulldozers sit in the rubble and sand
Into the night on the western side
To sit in a bar and fight with my pride
I met a girl late last nihgt
In a piano bar on borderlands
She peered at me through a haze of smoke
A smile on her lips a glass in her hand
The barman was black he was from Detroit
His army money had bought him a bat
Settled down quietly to live his life
With a nice German with two kids and a car
Robbie the G.I. was easy
He sadi that it wass all right
To sit at the piano an play for this girl
Blues on a Berlin night
I rolled out some Blues and some Ragtime
The Gershwin and Porter was tight
Then finally I let it all poor out
Blues on a Berlin night
Under the arches in eastern flats
The kings of the game are the skinheads and rats
Polish girls dressed in 70’s styles wait for
The cars flash you their smiles
I sit at home with my radio 4 years united
And nothing to show
Here in the east it’s still traband town
Even the turks down the road put us down
It seems like only yesterday that the
Russians rolled out with their trucks and tanks
Leaving the people of east Berlin at the
Mercy of bloodsucking west german banks
And the girl in the bar never takes my calls
All I get is her answer phone
She’s probably sittingin smoke fille bars
Wishing the guys would leave her alone
They told us the cold war was over
From now on we’d all be alright
But shere’s my mercedes and why do I sing
Blues on A Berlin night
We build up the walls and the towers and no matter how hard we try
You can’t knock than down they continue to rise
Blues on a Berlin night

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