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Incestuous Dynasty of Worms - text

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Shall those be the first!
The final day of demise has come
For parasites and enemies in the enlightened
Thought, our unique
Trust! loosing their ministry they
Consacreted through the fear of god
Misleaders of humanity for centuries and centuries
Shall burn!
Incestuous dynasty of worms!
Shall be those the first!
They will fall before our eyes!
Pleading for salvation
They burn!
We are alone in this earth!
Change our own behavior!
The flames of redemption
Have been fired
Have been fired
The silence of their mortals remains shall be the
Precept for next
Ones! No more lowest betrayers!
Their gates are open wide!
Their walls of words now fall!
We turn them into dust!
We shred the holy writ
And all the nithnigness in it! sacred deceit
Burn all the pages of
Falseness the deviant script
Land or elected breed
We are alone on this earth!
Change our own behavior!
There's no blasphemy in the need
Or raging against those who are the
Guilties of the sin
The only sin
The betrayal of the people led
That now come clear
We'll clean this world from those ones!
We stand in front of your decay
The long walk did inside of us has come
To an end, we are ready for the attack!
The knowledges light shall rise up!
Thier gates are open wide!
Their walls of words now fall!
We are the legion!

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