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Adversary of Bigotry - text

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No light beyond our backs
No sound before our voice raices
Aeons of darkenss are passed by right now
Kneel down we're your leaders
Don't forget it
Shoulder in this unholy war
Bow down we're the saviors of your filthy
Souls tilt at the vile tormentors
We will lead you against your oppressors
We will set your minds free
We will write new precepts with their blood
We will die for the glory of the truth!
We are coming
We will knock back to redeem them
We are the army, we're your lords
We're your needs
Kneel down we're your leaders
Don't forget it
Shoulder in this unholy war
Biw diwn we're the saviors
Of your filthy souls
Tilt at the vile tormentors
Strike them!
No fame without your nerve
No glory till you serve them
A new light shall clear
All the shadown of the past
No prisoner shall be kept
No one left
The order is decimate them as they
Did without our brothers dead
Their war chest
Shameful unfair appropriation
Of hopes of the impotent men
Coerced to serve
Fallen in vortex of their blackmailing
Set to protect the magnificance
Of their empire from the attack of the truth
Kill! Rape! Burn! Over and over
Kill! Rape! Burn!
Kill! Rape! Burn! Over and over again
Kill! Rape! Burn!
The flags of our savior army cut the skyes
Turned black by falseness
Without our coming the rises of the truth
Enlighten the stolen lands
We are coming! We are coming!
Shudder at the sound of our drums!

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