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Where We Sleep Is Where We Dream - text


I know I can’t take anything with me
But I hope I can hold on to my memories

There are shapes in the patterns on the wall
I don’t see people anymore at all
My biggest weaknesses become focusing
On my weaknesses
Wisdom is a door with a key
That’s been lost in brokenness
Fractured the skeletons of who we were
To build hopefulness

I’m begging on my knees
(please just let me breathe)
the doctor needs to sleep
(please just let me breathe)
God if you're listening I’ll find my peace with what I see
Please just let me breathe

Hope is the window with the small breeze
Oxygen bleeding on to walls of release
Love is growing together until we know enough
To not want to know each other at all
Where one is void, another is fulfilling
Hate and hope hidden
In our humble beginnings
This has been the death bed of who I was

I let my mistakes define me
I let my closest friends refine me
I let my intake complete me
I let my own death bed defeat me

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