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Like a hunter in the woods, looking for something, without a plan, you can’t get anything. Imperfection drove me, to see nothing, and that’s why I’m not breathing. And imperfection makes more sense when put in the context of human existence and I can say I promise truth to this even though I know iI don’t. And forever is everything to me, it’s been projected through all of my dreams. I held you tight, and said I want to love you forever even though i probably won’t.

I guess I’ve been caught, I guess this is my fault. I guess I’ve been caught, I gave you all I got.

And I exist for two reasons and two reasons alone. The first is that God was willing to take a gamble on a soul and the second is because the ones who made me took to long to let go. Sons today are the reenactment of cheap pornography and daughters are taught they are allowed to love they just have to break through a glass ceiling and these double standards have become a disease and diseases tend to dictate what we think we can be. So we hunt the weak, the ones who are infected in the feet, so they can’t run from the hunters when we don’t get what we need. And a good hunter knows to use every part of the animal, like I did to all my friends in their final hour. And when I finally felt alone, I realized you can’t cry wolf when you’re already devoured, and I let the ones who felt empowered feel useless when I drained them of their blood and I told them it was all in the name of love.

So darling, whisper in my ear, tell me things are going to change. Tell me I’m not supposed to be this way. Tell me this is not my time, tell me that I’ve been brave. whisper in my ear, tell me not to be afraid. Tell me my fear is okay. I’m okay, I’ve done this the best way.

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