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As the broken sleep,
Death forgot to thank me when I set her free.
Come empty and you won't need anything,
Believe in your own blood until your heart stops beating,
And then you too will be set free.
Tear down your towers and build bridges,
Your god is a fraud if you wrote the mission.
And the devil will die when he has no witness,
I'm not broken, I am nothing.
I'm the vessel, not the poison.
And I didn't want to lose you
But sometimes I forget when my prayers feel like they're just cigarettes.
They'll take the headache away, but then turn they to ash,
But they bring me back to life every time I find a new light,
But then they bring up my past,
And I fall further and further, and further,
Until I'm afraid to get back up
Because I don't want to fall again.
And I never thought I would be the one to fall in love
And I also never thought I'd be the one, the one to call it off.
But if there's one thing I know about myself,
It's that I don't know anything about myself.
'Cause you were nothing than a choice I had to choose,
A tool I had to use,
My favorite drug and my favorite excuse.
And my hands are not clean, maybe they never will be,
But they can still carry you home when you're ready to sleep.
And the only reason the devil's alive in you and me
Is because we disrupted him when he tried to fall asleep.

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