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Scream hallelujah until you cough up blood
Cause the devil came for our minds but left with our love
so I looked into myself for something I knew nothing about
found no solutions but found a lot of doubt
and slowly found out my heart was a trap door
waiting for the right one to fall in the center
so she would take a final bow and become mine forever
I found a pocket of comfort and acceptance and called it love
but it was just another season that would end with leaves falling in the mud
so we found ourselves in the new world where we would have to live out of fear and call it living by faith
a journey of forgetting who we are so we could remember our place
and we tried to read maps backwards that lead us back to the beginning
of the journey the only place we could walk hand on hand, and not feel so lonely
then those maps of tangled lines became our footprints and sinking sand
were being washed away by ways of trusting each other to feel complete
but we came up short until we both felt alone and empty with no breadcrumbs laid down to lead us back to safety
we thought this was built to last until we died but even that doesn't mean forever
at least not in my mind
trust in my ability to love more than i trust in love
and i trust in your smile as your emotion not a mask to cover up your hands
scooping up buckets of blood
we would travel far and see many new things and we believe we could be anything as long as we have each other
but the bother came when another stayed long enough to give you the feeling I did when this journey began and now our hands are completely stained red as we journey seeing new country roads connected to the broken dreams of simple family's the roads lined with animals waiting for their turn at the slaughter
a reality on the roads we see are metaphors for our sons and daughters cause the blood on our hands was the only way to keep the roots of our love watered
and we have nothing to believe in but we still wanted to die martyrs
and when someone came to carry me on the journey the blood of our past flooding our beliefs I watched someone come along and part the red sea
but even on dry land I couldn't breathe cause my body built an immunity to your empathy and that's all I needed to believe love was still the reason that I could stand on my own two feet
scream hallelujah
until you cough up blood
I inhaled this world so long
I tore out my lungs
I tore out my lungs
I tore out my lungs

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