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Love Life, Let Go (ft. JT Woodruff) - text


My life has become a game of building a ladder to climb over the wall that you built. I can see the colors running down your face and I still can’t help but feel. It’s hard enough knowing that you cry but it’s even harder knowing that I don’t have to ask why. I’ve learned that love is not a game and your heart is not a toy and I’m sorry I didn’t learn that sooner and I’m sorry that you feel I stole your joy.

Relay to me “I have this, I have this figured out. I promise, I promise.” You lied to me, I never had a chance. I promise, I promise.

You taught me how to love life. You taught me how to let it show. You taught me how to love another. You taught me how to let it go.

I wish vultures would come down and circle my body so then I can at least know if I’m living or slowly dying. These dark thoughts surround me but I refuse to let them inside. I know love will carry me and I know love will be alright, so I pray you find the same peace because I want you to know what it’s like to not feel that pain inside.

This prison is your home, but at least we’re not alone. This prison is our home, but at least we’re not alone.

I’ll bite the hand that feeds me when I find the food supply, it’s the only way of living when there’s a dagger in your side. A room full of living beings with souls that have died praying for a miracle that brings miracles to life. But I guess the dead will never shiver, they’ll never be cold enough to wish they were alive but this chill you left down my spine is all it took to make me wish I would’ve died.

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