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Christmas Eve Until I Leave - text


December 24th is a plague at the grocery store
A plague at the department stores
A plague for the fatherless, childless, and emotionally torn
But a time to celebrate the cold waves coming in
The birth of a child, the removal of sin, the rebirth of a mile
Chance this store will wipe of hot chocolate and spiked eggnog
So we can let God remind us that we all mean something

Maybe the pain of childbirth was only made so the birth of our savior would feel the same as the birth of our behavior that lead to our negativity
Point blank I know I've sank
I know the Billboard charts don't reflect the same up and coming success we all thought we'd hear
With almost happy here with fear that doesn't hurt me
Because it's fake just like the way I told my lover I'll love you if you don't desert me

Maybe Christmas isn't about us and that's why our New Years resolutions seem so empty
Maybe none on us know what this is about at all
And the attacks we make to the offenses we take are simply our way of trying to make our opinions into policies
Because learning to change might be a worse pain than the Virgin Mary pushing out a raisin to keep our family together
Maybe the cold weather, maybe Uncle Sam's wallet feeling better are all signs that we've missed the point
We've broken every joint
Maybe every night deserves a little silence, not just the one weekend of the year
When half of us cheer for the sake of our grandparents, pretend to still be Catholic

Maybe a silent night is a reminder of the silence we should let into our minds
Maybe a silent night is the silence we should make when somebody else is speaking
Maybe the silence is the silence we should take when someone else is bleeding rather than telling them that they wouldn't be a victim of that pain if they did something differently

Maybe the silence is a reminder of the silence we can take when our opinions outweigh our thought process
Maybe we should stop repackaging lies and calling them gossip
Maybe we should stop making that gossip our headlines
Maybe we'd feel fine if every time December 25th came around, we didn't have to lie just to feel like the end of our year was worth living the other 11 months

Maybe a silent night is a reminder to be silent
Maybe we're all on the hot seat, maybe this doesn't mean anything
Maybe we shrink and eliminate love because at the end of the day, a holy day isn't about us
But if there's one thing the human race has become good at, it's taking anything and making it self-serving

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