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Jelly Babies (Bonus Track) - text


I'm trying to save my sight
But you're threatening to lead me blind
I used to be like you (2x)
Always had a dream come true

I am the same as you (2x)
Now everybody's dream is filtered through

Where is my head if not with you
You're drowning into computer blue

I need to be without (2x)
I need to send my body out

Where would i take it to
And when we're there what will we do

What do we do when we've turned blue/to,
old/hope and we sleep, -------
------- shattered dream

Hate the picture you want to see
Sing me songbird, sing it with me
You're choosing something sweet
You chew on something sweet
A fleshy rubber made of me

A packet does contain
A beautiful refrain
Least when the two of you stand free

Where is my head if not with you
you're drowning into computer blue

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