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Here comes the evil men
Pray for their lives to end
Slash their gaudy thrones
Dance upon their bones

I come easy with my wheezing organ
Try my best to make the moment awesome
If you remember now to tread with caution
I'll make your body speak in full distortion

I can't sleep tonight I feel death snoring
I keep afloat I hope it tides so cautious
So far he tracked me here on back of wild horses
But now I'm woozy and my thought is bullshit

Don't dance

You can't win
With this freedom, this freedom, is this freedom?

Love's left
Love's left
Love has gone away from here
What is left in its place?
Only our aching fear
You can see, you can see
Is there an exit here?
Pardon me, pardon me
We will leave this sphere

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