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Chapter I - Lost at sea
How many days can we keep going on?
How many days till we reach the promised land?
As we sail this endless sea each mile closer to hell,
Supplies are running low, soon we'll eat our dead...
How many nights in this perpetual motion?
How many nights looking at the horizon?
The old man warned us before we set our sails:
The land your kind seeks was never meant for men!
Chapter II - Shipwrecked
Land ahoy! Our vigil's cry resounds
Land ahoy! Is this our journey's end?
Rocks ahead!! Strong winds suddenly rise...
Veering our ship straight onto the cliffs,
Pushing us further to the moment of death
There's nothing we can do
Rocks crack the hull like a nut shell,
Scores of men die, their curses ringing in my head
I pray for the end but fate won't heed my prayers
Washed ashore on these forsaken lands,
Our ship was torn by God's almighty hands
We lost our fight, the storm was raging strong
In a sea blacker than night I wish I'd drowned...
Chapter III - Intermission:
A brief moment of relief, followed by a strange discovery
The first week, it felt like fate was on my side...
I gathered my spirits and kept myself sane
Scavenging the land.
Like in the old tale I became a Robinson,
Sole inhabitant of this unchartered isle...
Or so I thought.
One fateful day,
I felt my feet moving forward against my will,
Leading somewhere beyond a distant hill.
Deep down rocky slopes,
My bare soles leaving a trail of blood,
Lay the entrance of a cave with grotesque figures
Carved upon cyclopean flights of stairs.
At long last, joy filled my heart...
I knew I'd found what I was looking for...
The den of the gods!
Chapter IV: Inside the demons' lair
Embers burning bright on pagan altars,
Down where no man has ever gone
In these unhallowed grounds
I found the priceless possessions of the gods:
Mine, they are mine!
A treasure trove for the damned,
Unholy relics older than man
Sanctified through blasphemy,
Now they belong to me!
These gems - they're alive
Their masters know they are mine
I can't help it - they shine so bright,
Throbbing like my heart!
Chapter V: The hunting party
Wargods of the deep,
Guardians of the sacred keep
Water-breathing blasphemies bound to retrieve...
Gold from the sea!
Chapter VI: Rime of the doomed mariner
How many days can I keep going on?
How many days until they catch on?
I can hear their strange voices
Calling me out on sleepless nights
I can hear them whisper my name
No matter where I hide
How many days eating vultures' leftovers?
How many days drinking pungent rainwater?
The old man warned us before we set our sails:
The land your kind seeks was never meant for men.
How many days?

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