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Celtic Boast Battle - text



Year .!!

100 Roman soliders lay dead on the beach, who'd slayed them?
I am the greatest warrior who has ever lived ! Year .!!
Warriors ! I bring tidings of great victory, surely there is know other
warrior in the land who can beat me! Huh !
I am the most fearsome warriors to walk the land of the living,
so i think we've got a problem.
I think there's only one way to settle this !


So lets clear the air, grab a chair,
I've got flair, when I fight a bear.
I rip off its skin, for my wife to wear,
I did it for a dare, I'm your worst nightmare look close, check out my
facial hair.

Relax, face facts, a fight with you would be an anticlimax,
When you go to war, you don't take off your slackes.
Look at me I'm tough, I fight in the buff,
I could say more but I've said enough so ...

Boast Battle !

I'm so great, shut your face !

Boast Battle !

Cause mate in war, you're well off the pace !

Seems to me that you're not even skilled,
I can fill a lake with the blood I've spilled.
I decorate my house with heads of men I've killed,
I'd stab you right now but Im trying to chll.

Year you got a brain but you've just got one,
I've got five on my beat from the battles I've won.
In a rage, on a rampage, I've killed more men then old age so ..

Boast Battle !

And I've only just begun !

Boast Battle !

And I'm not even done !

You're just killing the enemy, thats lazy,
I've killed my own people, I'm that crazy.
I go berserk and my eyes go glazy,
I get so mad I could stab a daisy. (But I won't cause that would be stupid

All right ! All right ! Stop !
Think a while ! Look at your style man that's vile !
You look like you've been dressed by a reptile,
You're a steaming pile, I'm dressed like a king.
I wear a torc round my neck when I'm doing my killing,
And on my finger, I'm wearing a ring.
When I said I fight nude i wasn't counting my bling! Year!

Boast Battle !

Oh! And I paint myself blue !

Boast Battle !

That is way, way cooler than you !

So much better than you, that you ought to bow,
I'll offer to fight you but you wouldn't know how.
Enough with the talk year, lets end this now,
I can sum it all up in just one word ...

Owww ! MuuuM !!

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