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Scorn of nature, sleep take a rest
Malediction flows through their heads
Comprehension lacks and effects
Imperfection is not on daily base
I've been there done that, time changes nothing
Through all the looks and views no one can see the truth
Give me your helping hand and I'll reject it
You think you seen it all? Well we don't even start!
Charlatan master, the one with fake facade
Tell me once more how you know my stand
Don't ask and don't tell and you won't get hurt
But once you open the chest, you'll face the dread truth
I built myself a hell that devours me
I can barely stand much less just to be
Drag me out of claws of being, help me live again
The only way to catch the breath is to slip away

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Internal Decline [EP]


Horrible Creatures texty

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