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When the time is right
I will take it back
From underneath this water
You know there's no turning back

I will take the lead and fight for truth
I could fail, but I'm still fighting for you

You can't stop to see your name in the limelight
You can't find yourself through your downfalls

We used to fight our way through
Now memory is our truth
You could not save yourself
You never saw this coming

Find in yourself the words to describe the strength you know and just fight
It's not far off, it's within your hands
It rests on the tip of your tongue

An enigma so powerful yet hidden (yet hidden)
Behind a higher state of mind

Through frozen water and broken dreams
I can see the world for what it is to me
As the light gets stronger I can see
Who I really am and what I'm meant to be

It's time to be faithful to your heart and follow the dreams you've wanted from the start
Don't find yourself tugging on the only thing that's holding you back
When time is gone, you'll wish you found the only thing that's meaningful

Life belongs in your own hands (your own hands)
Forget the past, your time is now to understand

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