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Tears to snow - text


Man, Fuck!
Me and my girl keep arguin'
Somehow my life just got hard again
She's scared of groupies that steady bargin' in
I can't explain the pain my heart is in
Yeah I got money, but reality isn't sunny, it's dark and grim
See when I'm tourin' I don't take her
So she get filled with anger, thinkin' another woman is gon' replace her
She standing in tears of emotion knee deep
I keep tryna tell her "Why? I ain't fuckin' no groupie!"
She don't believe me
My career is so deceiving
She's dating a rapper, nobody said it was gon' be easy
She threatening to leave me cause of these text messages girls send
Now I'm just caught in this whirlwind
Tryna explain they just friends who can't control themselves
They see the fame, think I'm cute, and they get overwhelmed
She should fuckin' know the deal
I'm done dealing with this bull shit
Bitch, I'm outta here, you can go to hell

There's no room to drive at the end of the road
When you're living in the cold not wearing a coat
The breeze turns tears to snow
Will they ever learn to love me? (ever learn to love me)
Don’t fucking call me
Stop trying to reach me
I ain’t tryna hear all of your bullshit, just leave me

The underground ain’t been the same since I emerged from it
Niggas hear my name and they just hate, and throw some dirt on it
Talking 'bout I blew up and just left them in the dust
But we ain’t friends mothafucka we ain’t neva kicked it once
You better zip it shut, I’m respectful
But if I spot you that’s the only time that I won’t ever give a fuck
Your words can make a difference, do not forget
If you run your mouth and talk shit, you payin' for what comes out of it
Bitch niggas acting all macho, jealous cuz they ain’t got dough
While they still opening up for me at my show
Smiling coming over to me, like I’m the coldest MC
And then you bad mouth the moment I leave
Aight, I got it since I’m in the limelight
You niggas try to look cool by not being hyped about my hype
Simple and plain, better watch where your missiles are aimed
Insult my name you’ll rekindle a flame, nigga

I’m about to lock myself in my basement and dig my grave inside
All jokes aside, man I see no reason to stay alive
If I do it, I won’t even say “good-bye”
“Ya, ho, but you’re Hopsin, and you have so many fa-ans!“
Yeah, great advice
I’m not lucky
Outside of Hopsin, there's no one who loves me
I come home to absolutely nothing
Nobody pays any mind to Marcus
They treat me like I’m retarded
They just want me to slave away as an artist
It don’t make any sense to me
No one wants to get to know the real me
They just want some pictures for they friends to see
I deal with this kind of stress, endlessly
Fuck this damn industry
Look at all the shit that it just did to me
I don’t care about no big collab or tryna swim in cash
I just want a family I can watch the TV with and laugh
Until then, I’m on the dark side
I’m the fuckin’ Dark Knight, startin’ bar fights
It’s a hard life

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