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Wander No More - text


Oh are you lost and broken
and beaten down
are you alone and weary
and seeking rest

Have you forgot your purpose
for being here
and do you seek the refuge
your battered body surely needs

You chose to face it all
Put your back against the wall
and in the event of everything breaking you down
you let the flames engulf what was left of your soul

There is a light we can follow
Look up and wander no more

For all the stars in the sky
Fighting for the chance to outshine
Even if all were combined
Could never cast the same light

All who are weary can find rest
All have received the call
It is inside of us all
Inside of us all

Pick up the pieces of your shattered soul
and know that you can find rest
It’s not too late for all who seek can be absolved
of any transgression

Sad and broken hearted
addicted and sick inside
Open up, open your eyes
and wander no more

Never too far gone
to reconcile the past
A new path set before you
so wander no more

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