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We have but one
life left to live
just one chance to take
barely just one breath to breathe

burdened with a heavy load
often persuaded by all of our fear to fail
tell me does it ever end

We were not created for this
Wandering without a purpose
selfish life without a meaning
never ends only repeating

So where does it end
Do we just bury our dead in the ground
And watch the memories degrade
Where does it end

The sun is setting on our days
numbered well before our fate
The only tragedy at hand
Wasting what chance we get

I won’t admit defeat this time
Won’t give in to selfish lies
I’ll feed the flame that burns inside
The flame that burns inside

The sun is going down
dead are buried 6ft in the ground
The only tragedy at hand
wasting what little chance we get

The sun is setting now
No way to fight or flee

The light is fading out
Is darkness where you’ll be

Is darkness where you’ll be

Stand beside us,
We’ll be the voice of tomorrow
Stand, make a difference
Our voices heard through all ages

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