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This lonely field waits...
This lonely field waits, just begs for battle
Sitting and waiting, scared for our lives
Does this, will this require
More than I have inside
I now have to face what I must do
For the first time
This moment of truth will I keep fighting
If it cost me my life
Flesh to steel or blood to blade
We have lost a million brothers in blood
We brothers in blood crawl through these trenches
Already wounded but chosen to fight
Why do these soldiers attack our fallen
A sovereignty not meant to die
Tell my Father I fought my best
Tell my Father
Tell my Father I fought my best
Tell my Father
This war is never ending...
Tell Him, please tell Him no, I don't wanna die
No, no I don't, no I don't want to die...

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Hope for the Dying


Hope for the Dying texty

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