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Thousands weep in vain
Did we depend
On what we didn't know
For our survival
Broken we have turned
Scattered by the world
Resting in ourselves
For our salvation
No, is this really true?
Could we have failed?
Is this our final chance
To fully surrender?
Let the light surround us
Let our hearts be torn
Let our pride fall
Let our voices be heard
I surrender all
Eyes to the sky we've lost our faith with our face to the earth
We left our dependence within, can we begin again
Devoid of masters I fared better on my own
We spend our days waiting for the sun to rise again
Bringing us the answers to our faults
Can we forfeit our thoughts and our desperate need for more
Can we surrender
Can we surrender
Can we surrender
Let it go, let it fall, all I have gone
All of the earth can fade
Lifting my hands I fall
Nothing can butt my heart
I will let it go
Forfeit all I'll ever become
Standing empty waiting to be filled
With the essence of God
Close up the earth, command my butts
Let the rain fall, the water pouring down
Flood all the rivers, the oceans overflow
Open up the sky, open up the sky.

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