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Finds us
All of us
Who knows the hour
but it’s upon us
We can’t escape
Our bodies, worthless bags of flesh in waiting
Most left just counting down the hours…

Days even
I can’t believe the time I’ve spent
toiling away
I was a slave to all of my own demons
Meanwhile my soul was in decay, in decay

Oh, the end is near
I am not worthy
Oh, what have I done
My life was wasted

Selfish reasons
Filling the depths of my mind
Ever consuming my thoughts
Mountains climbed and conquered only
Validated my own self-worth
If time allowed I’d spread my name across the earth

Redemption seems like a far away fantasy
Am I too late, to absolve all my sins
As I approach my eternal destiny
Will it be light, or darkness I see
So here it is my story as it unfolds
How it will end soon to be known

Chiseled in stone
Here lies the man who
Didn’t believe
His heart could be pure

Buried alone
In my final resting place
Even my thoughts
Are fading from form
Cast aside
As if I were nothing
Beneath the Earth
Where souls go to burn

Oh, the end is near
My life was wasted on my selfish reasons

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