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hroughout the ages
mankind left stepping stones along
the path of the righteous
and the road that never leads you home

Destiny turns to history
then there’s nothing left
but the lives we touched
and the path we chose to follow

How we’re remembered
Our legacy
It defines us

So stand tall

Hope of the hopeless
strength for the weak
look beyond your own desires
the clock is winding down

It’s fading fast
the only chance to leave your mark on this world
in the blink of an eye
it’s all laid to waste
When you’re gone
and your memory fades
what do you want
what do you want to remain

Crush your fears
Release your doubts
Lay all your burdens down

For even if just one
rises to battle
transcends the darkness
to guard the hearts of all the earth
All reformation starts with one
a Legacy can save us all

Become a warrior stand tall and true
harden your armor let your strength carry you
pick up your sword raise it above your head
etched in the metal is the path you have set

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