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A Beautiful Day for Vengeance - text

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I grasp the hilt in judgment
The blade is double edged
Engraved in it the names who
Continue to transgress
My arrows drunk with blood
My sword devours the flesh
The blood of slain and captives
Their doubts are laid to rest
Where will you go where you will hide
Where will you go with your pride
This is your last chance
To plead for mercy
The final hour approaches
Your time is drawing near
Your mind engulfed with times when
The warning signs were clear
Your blood spews out on top of
Years worth of hate and sin
Your last words never spoken
Know my avenger is here
And He is taking no prisoners
Fall to your knees and worship
For the hour of judgment
Is upon you
My brethren, I beg of you
Do not seek your own vengeance
My brothers, do not be overcome with evil
But find triumph in what is good

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