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Party At The Beach House - text


Oh, Rank up on the beach now
Everywhere you wanna be now
I just had a dream that I could be a grown up
Friends telling me I pop like soda
While summer nights some of you woulda known
A kid like moi woulda blown up
Chilling naughties
Gotta rock Lola
Only fair matters like I'm Carl Winsloba
Pop in the road trip
I got the windows low shit
We're doin this for kicks and mac soda
And when that's over I don't wanna quit
And then moneys so cool while you quit that spending
Girs do yoga they just split and bending
If you a actress then you better quit pretending
Oh that's offending me why don't you cover up
Cause I could show you to my room get you bundled up
She took a look into my pocket got 100 bucks
I crash landed in the country club cause I got
Friends in the back, friends in the attic
All I gotta say to them is thank god for that
And we could party all damn day
And the last one to stay awake
Can thank god
From my friends in the back, friends in the hectic
All I gotta say to them is I'm all for that
Uh-ha, yeah uh-ha yeah uh-ha
Thanks god
Cause we'll be in the house, eating up the dominoes
Living at the top of the world, geronimo
What the fuck you do last night, donna knows
Man I think I'm heading for a fall like a domino
Someone pick me up for they kicking me down

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