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Creeping up on the hours
That will interfere with my day tomorrow
I don't think I'll ever leave my bed
Its not as if the list compiled
Will be touched upon no work no trial
I'm starting to feel all the days pass
When the men return
In a binge of self medication
The ghost of me drenches you with love
That twist in my chemisty unwinds and comes undone
Return to that useless soul,
That useless soul of silence.
I finally understand why you left seemed so obvious [x2]
When I kiss you goodnight
It doesn't matter just how quiet
I will read it all in the glaze of your eyes
Your not happy; haven't been for weeks, months on end
Still you spend every waking moment with me.
All the years that were pleasurable are now holding you prisoner
And now everyday you wait for them to return.
Words start scrambling a place where man had oxygen
As I fail to say what you, what you need to hear.
Well you deserve, you deserve someone better.
I finally understand why, why you left seemed so obvious [x2]
Guess its hard to see, guess its hard to believe
That there was once so much room to breathe.
I've been leaning on you for over three years
Your down on one leg slipping in a river of tears.
I finally understand why, why you left seemed so obvious [x2]
I finally understand, how could I have been so blind [x2]
You deserve, you deserve someone better.

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