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You bitches fucking stink, go take a shower
Swagg, Asian bitches
Fa-fagget I ain’t got time for a stupid broad
Cause bro I'm bout to beat a the bitch and probably lose ma job
Fuck I'm a bubble listen bitch I tell you cool it off
Cause acting smart'll get you deaded bitch I rule the spot
N-now cause homie I ain’t fuckin down to catch a charge bro
Now her body found the same place she had parked bro
I forgot my bitches ride for me
Cause these bitches who drive for me are these bitches flying for free
I gain mine there's a difference,you remember that
Cause I'm always hungry for the shit that I never had
This here is baby food and I be all like bitch fuck a snack
See niggas who said I'm crap is asking me to hit em back nigga fuck that

Now I ain’t got time for bullshit
If I ain’t gettin mine then thats bullshit
Why you all up in my face with this bullshit
Eww bitch u smell like bullshit(x2)

Oh here I go
There they go and
This game again
Now these bitches praying they gone never hear my name again
But look imma stay around although they actin like I can't
I don't sleep it all cause it'll always be my time again
That means I work cause homie I ain’t playin round dog
Better cut all this bullshit or your face gone meet the the ground dog
But after all, its for the haters and the groupies though
Find me at the studio the smart bitch with a stupid flow
Fuck the delivery got fans who in the dance
Now my enemies got plans
They just searching for a chance
Fuck friends cause I'm married to the music
Bitch cause I just gained the world and I die before I lose it
So cool it


Ha ha ha!
Bitch back back why your ass so flat
Tell your best friend I want that, I don't pretend bitch n' I don't act
Why you all up in my chat, tellin people that you know him
If I lend you all on my back Criss cross you wiggedy-wack Ahhh!
Du-duplicatin my rack
Introduce you to my life
Yeah my goal heavy metal
You can’t rock out on my level
Yeah yeah that's a red Ferarri
And I'm dancing with the devil
Bi-bitch testin me you get answers
Kill a nigger quick fast, like cancer
Well well
Make a bitch money rubbin on my dick till it swell swell
And ya money money shorty than a elf elf
And I keep cool J's like LL
Hell, yeah I don't wanna start nuttin
Bitch lemme finish
All up in the net nigga mouth like a dentist, dennis,rodman come on,come on
Bitch is you wit it wit it
Cause I aint

Now I ain’t got time for bullshit
If I ain’t gettin mine then thats bullshit
Why you all up in my face with this bullshit
Eww bitch u smell like bullshit


Eww, bitch u smell like bullshit

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