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[Hook: Honey Cocaine] (x2)
Oh you drink a lot? (bitch same)
Tryna smoke some more? (Bitch same)
But why the hell you broke as fuck (what a shame)
You ain't 'bout shit, don't ever think we are the same

[Verse 1: Honey Cocaine]
We are not the same, bitch no
I don't do it for the fame, bitch no
Gotta hit it then I lane switch, go
And I got the right game, bitch flow
My main's one that I came with ho
My language though
Shout out make a sound with you
We are not friends, there is nothing coming
Your mantle is weak, frame full of running
Only stupid bitches never eat their almonds
Your bae lookin' basic, and mine lookin' foreign
Turn your bitch a Rita Ora when we touring
Fuck it call her Rita Ora when we touring
Damn, pull up to Miami just to tan dog
13 night stop, going HAM dog
My money up, even of the plant falls
I'm original, your a motherfuckin' sample

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 2: Snow Tha Product]
Bitch you could drink Hen like me
Try and do everything like me
But I only hit the club for high fees
And your pockets hella stressing, better try some tai chi
Cause we are not the same bitch, uh uh
I be doing shit to leave your dust ass bog eyed
Fuck outta here with all that bullshit you talk about
You owe some payments
Whatever it is your tryna be, uh nope you ain't it
And if you mad that I be winning man I hope you stay pissed
Bro your kids stay dirty, so I know you ain't shit
Cause you a bum, you a bum, you a bum
I heard I can hire you for some Xannys and bubblegum
I'm from killer California still got my connects in Texas
Get confronted by some Mexicans in case they catch you flexin'
I be getting all the bread, my bank on continental breakfast
Me and Honey getting money, that's assured you second guessing

[Hook] (x2)

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Like A Drug

Honey Cocaine texty

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