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Who do you respect?
What do you know?
We both know it isn't right
Step ahead, complete the show
Do you suspect your brother
To betray and step you in the back
You know he's there for one another
We both know it ain't correct
Step ahead - step ahead
Step ahead - step ahead
Who do you think you are?
What do you know?
You can't put down a person
'cause he let his feelings show
You're trying to be the tough guy
You think you are so cool
But when it gets down to emotions
You're acting like a fool
Can you control your feelings
That you hold deep inside
Or do you just close your eyes
And try to hide
Like any of your kind - step ahead
Do you still think you're better
Than the others you neglet
Step ahead, shut off your mind
Choke on your disrespect
Step ahead - step ahead
Step ahead - step ahead
Choke on your disrespect

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No Matter What's The Cause

Holy Moses texty

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