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Bleeding Heart of Mine
fearful mind beside
can't deny the sign
a return to the time
did it really die
this must be a lie
bestial lust,
bestial lust spills my blood
you bodies in the mind.
Master of Disaster
It's going piece by piece
like pulling teeth
the anger has begun
our lives are as one
beyond natural life
thru internal strife
bloody animal inside
standing by my side
Master of Disaster
I am your angel
your angel in black
could I hold you?
all life long I want to die with you
with your angel in black
Lay down your soul for the last time
lay your mouth down for the last cry
The world is going mad
the world will feel my pain going soon insane
will be no return
power cannot overthrow
we are ready to grow
you can't thrill us,
bestial lust
you can't kill us
Master of Disaster

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Master of Disaster (EP)

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