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Evil thoughts inside of me -
Wounds that will not heal
Hate in my songs is the way -
To ride myself okay
Dwelling deep in my mind -
Killing me - Pain inside
Wash my running tears away -
With ceremonial blood
Give up - Devote - One's time - Energy
Bleeding heart as a price - crucifying my own ideas
Obloguy of mental surge -
In excruciating ritual
Give up - Devote - One's time - Energy -
A noble cause - or purpose - a sacred use - to god
Mesmeric to find the words -
Illusions to cut out
Exiled into domnation - Vortex in both souls
Dwelling deep in my mind -
Killing me the pain inside
Palpilation pneumatic dead -
I deadicate to you... (DW)
Pioneer of a new theory -
Full of grotesque inner eyes
Horrorfying - Chronic hunger -
Chaos is the realm of fancy

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Reborn Dogs

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